Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The story of my first laptop

I bought a laptop from Dell when I'm moving from KL to Penang in 2005 to archive my work / mp3s / movies / photos. Dell Inspiron. It was my first laptop. I remember my siblings were "wa-wa-wa" over it. During then it was quite a good spec with a good price.

After I started work in Penang end of 2005, Intel gave me a laptop and I seldom use this laptop. And my brother who's studying in Seremban then asked me to let him use it since I don't use it often. So, I did.

After a year or two, my brother upgraded himself and got himself a desktop. And then, my sister who's studying in KL asked for a laptop. So, my brother passed my laptop to her to ease her in doing her uni assignment / keep in touch with friends.

Before my sister left to UK for her final year, she of course didn't wnat to bring my laptop along (after a few year it is a very heavy laptop comparing with all the new ones in the market). She also upgraded herself with a new laptop from Dell and my youngest brother who was doing A-Level at Taylor's college inherited this laptop.

And after my youngest brother finished his pre-u and entering university, again, he didnt want to bring this "antique" with him. So, he bought himself another laptop using the salary that he earned while becoming a temporary teacher during his long break while waiting for uni course to start. And my laptop was passed to my father (!!) =.=.

When I'm pregnant with Eunice, we decided to have my confinement in Taiping. I know I'll be bored to death when EG is back to Penang to work. So I asked my parents to bring my laptop back to me before I delivered Eunice. That's already 5 years later.

During confinement, it has been my greatest companion. I was using it everyday to search everything about babies in google, babycenter, parenthood forum and etc. When I'm back to Penang, it continued to contribute by allowing me going online to chat on my 2nd month of maternity leave. However, after a few years of passing around, my laptop got slower and it's really heavy. In the end, we have decided to buy a new Toshiba for myself.

Actually now that I think about it, thought I have bought this laptop for 5 years, but the total amount of time that I actually use it maybe is 1 year?! Hmmm....

I'd say my first laptop has been very faithful to not only me but my family (hey, it's being passed through all the siblings in my family! :P), and the durability is not a doubt! :)...

To remember my laptop, I took a few pics while transferring my data to the new laptop in the computer shop. We traded it in @ RM100.

The wallpaper

Transferring MP3s

EG asked if I'll miss my laptop. I'm never a heart person so I said no la... :).. Now, my new laptop with webcam allows me to show my mum in Sarawak on Eunice's development and let Eunice talks to her grandma too.
Oh, and this new laptop is EG's gift for me. So, thank you dear! :)


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