Thursday, January 03, 2013

Family Portrait Shots

Happy New Year! :)

EG and I took a week off on the last week of December since babysitter is off. No, we didn't go anywhere but stayed in Penang to spend time with parents and kids, and celebrated Christmas.

We got our friend Daniel to help us to take some simple family portrait shots, since this is going to be the family size for the next 2-3 years. And we plan to give to our parents during CNY this year. :). My MIL bought 2 similar dresses for my two girls during Christmas so I thought that's the best outfit for two of them.

It's such a challenge to take pictures with children. Eunice will have her mood, but thank God she was still willing to take pictures, just not smiling, sometimes not looking at camera.. Natalie fussed and slept during the photo shoot session, and getting her to look at the camera is really a BIG challenge.

After taking the few shots, EG and I are already tired and don't feel like taking more with other postures. No mood. So, we stopped since we're happy with the pictures. :)

I am still waiting for Daniel to give me the edit copies, but below are some of my favorite shots. Sorry for the blur picture coz I re-take the pic with my iPhone. I am too lazy to download and resize the pictures. Excuse me for that but as a mother of two now, I really don't have much time left. :)

Nat slept in her rocker and we finally could take some pic in peace :)
My two pretty girls

Family shot after Nat woke up
Another family shot

I love this shot :)
And this is my fav shot on my pretty little baby Nat :)

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