Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 Years Anniversary

It's our 5 years anniversary this year. 5 years, with 2 beautiful children. Many told us well done. I somehow can't believe that we have been husband and wife for 5 years. How time flies.

With two children, it's tough to plan for any getaway trips that we wanted to, also we're saving up our leaves for CNY and later this year. Hence, we kept it simple, and went to Kampachi in Equatorial for buffet lunch. I have been wanting to go for quite some times, especially on my birthday, but it always didn't happen due to many reasons! Sigh... So this time, I was very determined to go! :)

Overall, the food is good. Sashimi is good. EG and I both whacked 1 plate each. :D.. It's fresh and soft. Beef is very good too. We are not a very big eater hence we have to be careful with our intake so we can try many types of food.  While eating the buffet, I had to feed Natalie once. I told EG, good la, she burnt my calories and I could eat more. Wahahaha! :).. EG said Eunice enjoyed the buffet more than us. :).. For Natalie, she fussed a bit but still we could stayed there for 1.5 hours, so she has been a good girl also. :)

Foooood... Yums!

Some pics of my girls eating..

Some pics of us

While on our way back to the car park, EG took a nice pic of me and my girls. Love the shot. Everyone looks happy. :)
Me and my girls
Since last year December, I have been thinking of a special gift for EG. We're not gift person so we don't really buy things for each other. My colleague Cindy introduced me to scrapbooking, and I bought a mini album kit from her online shop. However, I only started doing it a week before my anniversary. When? I had to do it when everyone was sleeping soundly, because it's supposed to be a surprise! :)... EG slept with Eunice in her room so I could do in my room with a dim light while Natalie was sleeping. Yea, and that made my panda eyes worse last week.

Anyway, being a guy, EG wasn't VERY touched, but he said it's nice. I know he's a heart person so I am pretty sure he'll show me this album many years later and told me how he treasured it, just like some the small souvenir that I did for him many many years ago before we were even couple!

Our 5 years journey together as husband and wife
While I was doing this, I found it's so interesting to do scrapbooking. Now I know why people love doing it. However, it'll require some investment in all those kits and papers. I'll see if my interest will continue before I try more later. Nevertheless, I think for a first timer, I had done a good job. :)

5 years together, and I truly believe the best is yet to come! I thank God for His abundant blessing upon us and our little family of four now. And I truly believe there will be more blessings ahead of us and I am sure that we'll continue to grow old together as a lovely couple. :)

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