Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My new season

I started a new job in Melbourne city in end of May.

Honestly, I struggled when I went for the interview - part of me wanted to get a better pay job, but another part of me was reluctant to change the routine which we were comfortable with. But when I was offered the job, I took it up.

It's since 2 months I started working in the city. In the beginning, I had to adjust my hours to wake up 1+ hour earlier, and travel 1 hour to work (one way), taking 15 minus bus, 30 mins train and another 10+ mins of tram or 15 mins if I walk. 2 weeks after I started my job, my office moved to a new premise which is right next to the train station. Thank goodness! That easily cuts my journey short for 10-15 minutes. And makes my coming home trip easier too!

Now, my biological clock has adjusted. I could automatically wake up earlier without feeling too tired. And with all the walking, running (chasing train/bus), standing in crowded train, I also feel that my stamina got better. In the first week, I felt dizzy in the office due to all the commuting but now I am fine. In fact, nowadays I tried taking the bus earlier so that I can reach office earlier to have a fresher start each day, and leave sharp at 5pm to come home earlier to my family.

With the new routine now, I also have to be more efficient in many things that I do. I started doing bulk cooking for lunch/dinner, and bake something over the weekend for Eunice's lunch boxes. However, freezing food is still not something that I am used to. On the week nights, I prepare everyone's lunch/lunch boxes after dinner, and I even chose my work attire for the next day to make my morning more efficient - and believe it or not, it does make a difference. Instead of going into store for my weekly grocery, I now do online shopping to click and collect - where I make my order and EG will go and collect it on Friday. Works perfect and saves us at least an hour every week.

For the children, we make them go to bed earlier (by 8pm) and wake up earlier so that I can change and tie Eunice's hair before I leave to work. In most mornings, I'll prepare her breakfast and she'll be eating her breakfast while I leave the house. EG will then take over from there. And EG also has taken over the main cooking task on weekdays as I only reach home by 6pm. Sometimes I do some cooking at night for the next day too so he can have more time doing his work.

It has been quite an adjustment but I am glad that we're coping pretty well. Even though I used to be sad that I am now further away from my children, but I must also remember that for the past 1 year, I had the privilege to be close to them and to be involved in many things in their happenings in school, and it surely helps me in learning and coping about schools and child care here better.

It was sad for me to leave my first workplace in Melbourne. It was indeed a very nice place to work, with very understanding and flexible bosses. Even with me leaving, they fully supported my decision. I surely wish that I will have the opportunity to work for them again in the future, esp since they are only 5km away from my home!

Farewell gift, and some shots in my old work place
Nevertheless, I am thankful for the new career opportunity, and after having a break for a year+, I have a paradigm shift on "job". I thank god that I can work on something that I am passionate on with a team of professional folks. And even though I still desire to be a stay at home mum one day, I will enjoy my new season and continue to cherish this opportunity that I have now. ;)

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shu-yin tan said...

So glad to see u adjusting so well in Melb with your family!
Take care and always nice to read about you and your family in your blog. ;)