Friday, June 29, 2007

Role Switching Game

I was playing a game with EG last night. We called it Role Switching.

It's a simple game. I just try to behave and talk like him, and he'll do the other way round. For e.g., he asked me what I was doing at my laptop (which I normally will ask him), and I answered him some stupid answer like - something nothing to do with u la... (which he'll normally answer me).

It was funny and things got more interesting.

Then we tried to dig out some other conversation that we had before. For instance, I'll normally start my conversation with some cheeky openings, like "Can I tell you something?... but you don't scold me ok...?". And I'll try to react to EG the way he normally does - "Mai luan la (don't make big fuss :P)", "shut up la..." and etc.

We can really imitate each other. We both had a good laugh.

Then, after the game, we found out how each other feel when we answered or treated each other in this way. And in a way, it can help us to know each other more.

We often take people around us for granted, or treated them badly. When we put ourselves in their shoes, and then we might be able to see things in different perspective and we might behave differently as well.

I wonder, if I can play this game with my boss, how nice that will be! :D

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