Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bear & Cat Talk

Cat always says the Bear has a lot of funny sound effect. After some time, the Cat got influenced as well.

Cat: Do u know there's another bus crash incident and caused the loss of another life?
Bear: Yah, I read about that. Where is it ar?
Cat: It's near Kelantan there.
Bear: Maybe we should think about our plan to take bus down to KL at the end of September for
Papakochan's wedding.
Cat: No, don't take bus... Let's just drive down to KL.
Bear: Oh if you're willing to drive then it's better. More convenient ma. I scared tired only.
Cat: Can la... We drive down la.. [Doing the driving action] Onk onk onk onk onk...
Bear: Hehe... Ei Cat, why is driving sound onk onk onk??
Cat: [Grinning] I don't know leh....
Bear: Cat, the driving got onk onk sound, is it because the steering spoilt already?
Cat: [Started laughing] Maybe the absorber spoilt la... Hahahahaha....

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