Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am not an animal lover, but EG is. He has been telling me how graceful, nice, funny, cute, mischevious, etc etc, about all the cats around him - be it the neighbour's cat, or the stray cats on the streets. Under such influence for the past 3 years+, I become more "senstive" for cats too.

O Hai! My name is Simba. :)

To cut the story short - EG's colleague is putting one of his cats, Simba, out for adoption. You may refer to EG's blog for more details. We couldn't take him due to space constraint of our current place. If you are interested, or any of your friends are interested, do drop your contact in the comment.

PS: Simba is currently @ Penang.


eg said...

Simba is saying, "Can I haz cheezburger?"

pENguiN~ said...

I don't think Simba is a LOL Cat :P

Chris said...

ooopppsss i hate cats...after what my neighbour's cat attacked jan few months back... :(