Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My First Year Anniversary

It was my first year anniversary working in PG yesterday! I can't believe it. Time flies. My colleagues were congratulating me on "completing 1 year working" here... sound like a big task right? :)

In my 4 years of working, I have never owned my own cube before, until when I move to PG. My previous jobs requires me to move around - either I was working in offsite for development/deployment or I was loaned to other companies as a third party vendor.

Until now, let me proudly present you my cube!! :).... I am a very messy person and my cube was always been messy with all the papers/files around. But I just added some of new members to my cube and hence now it is kinda tidy than usual.

Things on my cube
1, Flower from EG - drying up already
2. Tortoise on my laptop docker - got it from Fenny in KL I think
3. Tissue box
4. Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion - for my delicate hands after doing my washing
5. Sebamed Lip Balm - for my always-cracked lips
6. Some leaflet with very cute face gotten from Perangin Mall
7. Key Chains - sourvenirs from colleagues from Sabah and Thai
8. Holder for all my pens, stapler, scissors, etc....
9. Calendar - with all important dates circled, such as pay date....
10. Peanut butter - for my breakfast with bread
11. Letter holder - but I used it to hold the 3-in-1 drink given for free for breakfast
12. Piggy note holder from Parkson
13. A recognition plaque gotten early this year
14. PENGUIN - got it from my Auntie when we visited Philip Island in Aus
15. Bear Bear that came together with the flower from EG
16. Piggy mousepad
17. Some notes sticking on my top cabinet for my quick reference

A typical girl's cube right? With all the soft toys and useless things sticking all around. *shy*... But well it helps me to feel "homey" and gives me more motivation to work. Hopefully I can complete the 2nd year here!!!!! Wish me best!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st anniversary of working in Penang penguin...!!!

penguin~ said...

Ari-a-to!! :)

siumai said...

It's been one year? hahaha... time really flies. Long time never see you liao. Hope everything's fine for you up north!!

penguin~ said...

siumai.. long never never see you also arr... yeah time flies isn't it....? Getting old already... issshhh.... :)