Thursday, September 06, 2007

Couple Lifestyle Photography

I have been looking at wedding photography posted in the photographer's blog such as Louis Pang, Whizarts, Weddingstory, Andy Lim, Perfect Moments, and etc. I have always imagined how I'd feel one day if I see my own pictures posted in one of these blogs.

EG and I recently joined a contest by Whizarts and Weddingstory. Since we have a lot of "cute" pictures, I have submitted a few of them from our Langkawi trip last year. And Viola, we won it!

Our Winning pic

We got stressed up when we knew we won it. We just took our pre-wedding bridal studio photo shoot few weeks ago and we had an enough stressful time as we're rushing to buy all the apparel for the photo shoot. To cut the story short, at the end, we have decided to go on casual and we're not going to do anything extra - no hair-set, no manicure / pedicure, no makeup - and go for natural shoots.

The whole experience was fun. Since we already have an intensive training from our pre-wedding shooting, we knew what to expect this time. EG was especially enjoying himself as he just loves to pose in front of the camera. Comparing to me - I am more of a camera freak, and feel awkward when we have to do some intimate "actions". So he did a good job in leading me for good pose for the pictures. Besides, both the photographer & videographer did a good job in breaking the ice. We had great fun in that 3 hours of photo shooting.

As efficient as Whizarts always be, all the pictures are up in his blog a week after the photoshoot. Check out all the pics here! We have been sharing it with our friends. What happened next? Compliments coming into our mailbox non-stop. My sexy piggy even called me up and wanted to ask me more about this. I didn't pick up since I am currently overseas. Roaming is expensive!! (Sorry piggy!!)

My favorite shoot

Some promotion for Whizarts and Weddingstory - They're the professional Photographer and Videographer located in Penang and they fly everywhere to take photos. If you're looking for photographer & videographer, you can consider both of them - not necessary for wedding!


Chris said...

Winnie...seriously nice shots man...cheers...

SK said...

Glad to know that you're getting married soon, all the best!

pENguiN~ said...

Leong: Thanks for the compliment.
SK: Hey, what a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the wishes.