Saturday, September 06, 2008

Maggi Mee Goreng

Life has been busy, stressful and depressing at times. I tried to make it a habit to off my laptop after work and make sure I don't check / reply emails at home at night. Well, it lasted for two weeks before the habit came back. And that's also one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging for almost 1/2 month.

So, now I am back - blogging about my cooking again... (Guess my life is kinda boring :P)

My mother-in-law cooks very good maggi goreng. Everytime when she cooks maggi goreng for us when we go back home, EG will ask me to learn how to do that so that I can do for him in Penang.

Of course, I have tried to make maggi goreng a few times before this. And sadly, they are not very successful attempts.
  • First attempt: Mee overcooked, too soft. :(
  • Second attempt: Too dry
  • Third attempt: Too dry
  • Later few attempts: Too dry, too salty, too.... :(
Anyway, I have been thinking of making maggi goreng for EG this weekend and I have tried to surf the internet for better cooking "secret". Somehow, I got the combination of all the ingredients right and this round it's muchhhhh better.

One for EG, one for me

Simple dish with oyster sauce, onions, garlic, prawns, sawi, eggs, sausages

EG? Happy man today since he enjoyed it, though he said his mum's is still slightly better, but it's good enough. Hopefully I can "produce" the same "product" the next round.


aiyu said...

looks nice....:)
but I prefer my maggi goreng to be kosong..telur sahaja..tambah mata kerbau ! :D

eg said...


Faith said...

looks nice..i will try to make maggi goreng also...c i will sucess o not!! hehe

Daniel Yap said...

yupe, it looks nice to me too.