Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Baby

It has been a busy month – with Christmas & Birthday all in December, planning of CNY trip next year and etc. Work has also been piling up with new expectation by the year of 2007.

Anyway, I have finally gotten my Oakley as my birthday present. That’s why I was excited. :D.

I have been walking around and around with EG to find a model that fits my face. My typical Asian face gave me a real hard time to find one that fits my face well. Most of the glasses are hanging halfway on my face as my nose bridge is not tall enough, and my face is too small. Besides, I am quite fussy in the design, frames, lenses and color. For the price that we are going to pay, I want it to be all in one - practical + fashionable. I almost gave up but EG kept pasturing me to keep choosing. He’ll keep an eye on all optical shops with Oakley rack and forced me in to try all sorts of models.

Until, finally, EG saw Oakley Dart in Oakley’s website.

So, I, again, went to try at a few places to check out the price and discounts. They’ll always tell you Oakley is a controlled price item and they can only give you 10% discount. Finally, after all the hiccups and all the hoo-ha, we finally went down all the way to Perangin Mall to get Oakley Dart Berry/G40 Black Gradient after work on one fine day, from the same shop where EG got his Splice – his birthday present, hoping that the my Dart has not found its owner yet.

The best thing is, this model comes together with its casing, especially for women. I love the casing to bits, it looks so elegant, although it’s a bit big for me to carry around.

I have been wearing this all around – hoping that it's sunny when I am outdoor. It’s cool. Very solid. Great coverage. Color is very good. I don't get headache anymore when it's sunny. I just can’t wait to wear it for my CNY trip with my family to Shanghai. I shall post more pictures after the trip.

Alright, enough about Oakley. Before the clock ticks 12 midnight today, I wish all my dearest friends a very happy new year. I hope year 2007 will bring good lucks to all of you and may all of you stay healthy, pretty & handsome, and happy always. Muahhh…


Chris said...

penguin, post one pic with you wearing your new baby ler...hehhehhehe

pENguiN~ said...

Wanted to do that but never had the chance ar... Will post after my CNY trip... :)

Doreen said...

ur old one ler?? give me lar hoh.. :P

eg said...

Oakley's are the best, can't wait to get my hands on a pair of Juliets when I have the $$$.

Focus Point at prangin mall has one of the best prices in Penang for an authorized Oakley dealer.

Chris said...

EG, but i thought Oakley is a controlled item...price probably wont be any different rite?

eg said...

You're right, Oakleys are price-controlled but bottomline it depends on how much the dealer wants to make from you. I've checked a few in PG and the difference could be in terms of a few hundred RM.

But, usually they will tell you not to go around spreading this because that will affect the sales of other resellers that offer less discounts, and they wouldn't want to labelled as spoiling the market by other dealers. If found out, Oakley might revoke their authorized dealer status.

Also, I think Oakley imposes a certain kind of sales target for the authorized dealers, so sometimes they might slash prices to improve sales. Better sales performances means they are able to continue getting stock from Oakley and maybe even get some limited editions (different lenses, frames) to put in their display cases. Likewise, if your sales are not good, you might not be able to get the latest designs or might even get your dealership revoked.

I think most shops consider carrying Oakleys somewhat a priviledge (besides being lucrative) and will do quite a bit to retain the status.