Thursday, October 02, 2014

Shopping in Melbourne

Nope, this is not a post about the retail shopping. :).. I am never a shopping person - not even when I am in Malaysia. Shopping therapy never works for me.

One thing I love about Melbourne is the choices that we have to buy things. My aunt brought me to Salvos (Salvation Army) in a few suburbs and picked up a few good second hand stuff with GREAT value. And she told me, You don't need to spend a bomb in buying things for your house. Just look around you. And on that day, we picked up beautiful plates for my kitchen, cutlery, and a casserole. And you won't believe the price I paid for them! Most of them are less than $10, and if it's of better qualities then it'll still be less than $15.

My uncle told me before that we could pick up good deals from Salvation Army here before we moved here. Deep inside me, I felt so sad. In Penang, we used to donate our old things to Salvation Army and after we move to Melbourne, I need to buy things from Salvos. How sad. LOL! How wrong I was! Salvos here are like a boutique shop! They arranged things accordingly on the racks, and clothes hanging nicely according to sizes, with proper fitting room, and their people in nice uniforms and always friendly and helpful.

Ever since then, I always "shop" in Salvos, Op Shop, and any 2nd hand shops. Because Melbourne is a big city, there're many people donating their things to Salvos when they move, and I managed to pick up many things. Besides these shops, we have also been looking at 2nd hand stuff with good condition from the most famous gumtree website - where people post their stuff to sell 2nd hand.

2 stainless steel heavy sauce pans for $7.25 and $12.25 each

My favorite casserole in the kitchen! Used it for one-pot dish in oven very often!
Paid $9.25 for it I think?

Sometimes I picked up good deals for kids clothing too! This is one of the cardigans that I picked up for Eunice. $5+

My first woolen sweater that helped me to survive our first winter in Melbourne!
It was on 50% off and I think I only paid like $5 for it!

My another favorite baking dish in the kitchen. Been using it for pie or quiche.

6 made in Italy wine glasses. Saw the price there? How to resist to not buy them? :)

There's a Salvos nearby my office @ Nunawading which I'll pop over during lunch time from time to time. My aunt brought me to one @ Camberwell and that is a real good one as the Salvos is big and plenty plenty of choices. There are also many opportunity shop or charity shops around that sells good things in a discounted price.

I haven't gone for any retail shopping for the past 8 mths here. Haha! But no worry, I'll surely plan one soon! :)

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