Friday, October 31, 2014

Pyjamas Party in Office

One of the team leaders in the office sent an email that the next day is a Pyjamas (or Pajama) party.

I brought a pyjamas long pants in my bag the next day, thinking of changing it in the office (instead of walking around in it to childcare), but I didn't put it on in the end (COWARD, I KNOW!). But I am amazed how sports my colleagues are. When my MD came into office in his boxer with long sleeve shirt in the late afternoon, I regretted for not being sporting enough. Anyway, he gave 2 hours meeting in his pyamas outfit, which we spent 15 minutes laughing at the start of the meeting.

Quite a fun place at work, don't your reckon? :)

The fun bunch. I love the onesie! :D

The boss!

Director in pyjamas pants and UGG boots :)

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