Thursday, October 11, 2007


I am addicted to facebook. Hopelessly.

Facebook - A friend asked me, is it a book where you can put your face at? Well, sort of. In fact, facebook is just another social networking website - just like Friendster or Multiply. However, Facebook has much more functions and features that will make the user addicted to it.

The first thing that made me addicted to facebook was the adopted FLUFF FRIEND. There were a lot of animals or even tofu that you can choose to adopt. And you can buy food with your munny from the fluff shop and feed your fluff friend so that they have better mood and to increase their speed. However, fluff friend might not like all the food. So you got to trial and error, and buy different food for fluff friend till you find the food that he/she/it likes. For my penguin~, she loves sweet rich things like the TACO, Choco-Mango Delight and Cookies. And she hates brocolli the most!

My Penguin~'s feeding history

There are several ways you can earn the munny. By petting your friend's fluff friend, you earn 5 munny for each. However, the most interesting one is to bet on race. And that's really addictive. Funny thing is, for every hour, fluff friend will feel tired after 8 races. It needs to rest before it can race again for the next hour. Interesting....

OK, the winner is EG's smelly cat!

Facebook allows the user to add in as much application as you like. There are thousands of application where you can incorporate into your facebook profile. There are games, walls, virtual gifts, calendar, horoscope, and much much more to be included in your profile. You can upload videos, draw a graffiti to your friends, or you can also be naughty to get your friends' attention by throwing a cow, kiss, hug, slap, moon, wink, wave, smile at, party with, kick, bite, give a flowers/beer to them and etc etc.

Last night, EG and I installed Scrabulous in our facebook. And we played 2 rounds with each other. Again, we had a great time and good laugh as both of us were being cheeky and funny to tease each other and to beat each other. Well, the game is fair. We won one game each!

My winning game. :P

Another application that made me stick to my laptop for the past 2 hours was PACMAN! Gosh, that's such an old game that we played while we're kids. I never expect I could actually be addicated so much to it. In Facebook, PACMAN shows the top 25 friend's scores and EG had the top score, and I was just 300 points behind him. For the past 2 hours, I lost count of how many games that I really had, but finally, I BEAT HIM! Ah, that feels good! I am sure he'll try to beat me again! If not in PACMAN, it'll be in other games!

I am the top scorer in PACMAN! YAY!!

Besides all these, I also have tetris in my facebook profile. It helps a lot in helping me to kill my times and keep myself awake especially during those boring meetings. *ssshhhh... *

You might think that I am really silly to be addicted to this. Well, I thought so too. But it's really interesting. If you don't have a facebook account yet, give it a try. But, don't be regret if you get addicted too! And remember to feed my penguin~ if you have a lot of munny and challenge me in PACMAN as well! >.<

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Chris said...

Wahhh i din know got pacman...and tetris...later i go add...lately I deserted FB to concentrate on some other stuffs...and bloggin has been occupying my time too...hmmmm must get back to FB!!!! hehhee