Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raya Break

I am in a mood of blogging tonight! :)

During Raya break, I had almost 4 1/2 days off. My boss was kind enough to let us work from home on last Friday after lunch. That means, I could come home earlier and do some stuffs at home. During the weekends, I have been sleeping for >10 hours a day to compensate my sleep after a very hectic month in September.

On my trip back to Taiping this weekend, EG's mum gave me a new non-stick pot and a new non-stick frying pan. It looks really tempting and I wanted to start cooking. However, frying / cooking is prohibited in my place as EG always complains it will make the whole kitchen oily. The only thing that I can do is boiling soup or some "tong soi". So sad right?

Anyway, after begging and persuading for sometimes, FINALLY, EG allows me to cook for Tuesday's dinner. Yippppie... I was happy because I could try out the new pots.

So, we bought some chicken, potatoes, carrots from Giant, threw it all into the big boiling pot together with a big onion, garlics, salt, etc. And taaadaaaaa.....

I don't know the name of this soup.... I learnt it from EG's mum

EG wanted to just have the soup for dinner initially, but I insisted there should be at least a vegetable. And I rejected his proposal to boil the vegetable together in the soup (YUCKS!). I chased him out of the kitchen. I boiled some broccoli, put it aside. Then, chopped some garlics and fry it together with some minced pork and oyster sauce *with the new frying pan*. And taaaadddaaaaaaa......

Broccoli with minced pork

OK, I know both the dishes are really simple and they don't look too appertizing in the picture. But anyway, to my surprise, EG finished the whole pot of soup (approx 3 big bowls) so I guess it wasn't too bad. And he said the broccoli was nice. I was quite surprise that he actually could eat so much for dinner! But I was happy that at least my cooking passed his fussy taste buds!

Anyway, the new pots are really nice to use - maybe it's because they're new pots. Hehe... And today, I used it to boil barley again.

Now, you guys know where did EG's tummy come from? :P

Btw, just another sharing for fun. EG took a real cute pic - soft toys that EG and I bought for each other. You guess which one was from me for him and vice versa.

Good friends


Chris said...

That is ABC soup!!! Brocolli looks yummy...aha i know, pooh is from EG...for winnie...wahhahhha

pENguiN~ said...

I thought ABC soup sure got tomatoes one? :P

Anyway, you're WRONG! I gave the Pooh to EG... Bought in Seri Kembangan together with Boon Tat one leh... Kekekekeke... :D

Chris said...

Alamak!!! Apasal winnie bought pooh?? u ni betul betul winnie the pooh...hahahhaa...

hmmmm i guess that was AB soup then...missing tomatoes...LOL