Sunday, May 04, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

It's such a relaxing weekend....

Both EG and I have not been going out for a date much since our wedding as we're busy with so many things. When we have free time, we'll rather stay at home and get chilled. :P. This weekend, both of us have some movie and shopping urge. We decided to go out this weekend.

It has been a super long time since both me and EG went for a movie. I think the last movie that we watched was, probably, Transformer. Kinda pathetic right? Well there isn't much movies that really interest us. On Friday night, we went to watch Ironman. I am not a very good movie reviewer but this is a nice show. The movie is about 2 hours but I didn't feel it at all. Overall it's a fuuny, great & interesting movie.

On Saturday, after we attended Marriage Tune-up session in
EPCC (Pastor called it an after-sales service :P), we headed to town straight. I have a long list of shopping stuffs to get.

Mother's day is around the corner. However, in my hometown, we don't celebrate Mother's Day but rather, we celebrate Parent's Day. This year, my siblings and I have decided to get a camera for my parents since they are now using our first digital camera bought in 2002 with 3.2 megapixel Canon Ixus V3 and probably 1.2" screen. My job is to get the
Panasonic Lumix FX36. Sometimes I love Penang because if you find the right place, you'll get good discount!
After getting the camera, we headed to Gurney plaza.
We were taking our own sweet time walking floor by floor at Gurney. And somehow, we couldn't find much things to buy. We stumbled into S&J - one of the famous gift shops in Penang. As usual, they have some funny and cute stuff and EG was having fun talking to the little cute salesgirl asking about their products. :P. When we came out from the shop, we bought two cute wrist rests to put in our office. EG took some closed up pics and talked about it here.

One for me, one for him

After some window shopping, we wanted to go Chillis for a nice dinner but we saw new restaurant poster with nice Pastas so we decided to go for a try. At first I thought Pastamania is a local restaurant, but later I found out it's actually a franchise. We were very hungry so we ordered a pasta, pizza, garlic bread & minestrone soup - and we finished all of them. Yummy!! It was a right decision to change our mind to go for Pastamania. The food was very good and we both felt very satisfied - I am not sure if it's because we were too hungry though. :P.

Hot Minestrone Soup

Garlic Bread

The cheesy sausage tasted sooo good... I feel hungry looking at this picture...

This Super Supreme tasted real good as it's full of salami and chicken ham. Yummy!!

We walked a bit to help on digestion after dinner and headed home. Besides all the things that we bought, I got two blisters at my small little toes too. Not sure if it's because of the new shoes, or it's because I haven't been walking so much for quite a long time.

Today, we wrapped up the camera box for me to post it all the way back to Sarawak tomorrow.

Gift for my parents

After wrapping up - it's water proof & shock absorbing, I hope.
My drawing is not bad right? :P

Let's pray that it'll reach Miri safely. I am trying to imagine my dad's grinning face when he receives this. :P

I like my weekend so much, but reality is, I have to work tomorrow. -_-"



Anonymous said...

Marriage Tune-up session, haha.. I like this term.

Actually hor, Aiyu and I have not been to cinema for dunno how long dy, we couldn't even remember the last movie we watched... :)


pENguiN~ said...

Is it a norm for married couple to stop visit cinemas? :P...

The marriage tune up session is cool... But I just got married so not MUCH impact. Would love to join more later... Hehehe... :P

eg said...

wow wow

Chris said...

eh ur glass bottom is too small to support the glass...not only it is fragile, it's unstable too...LOL...

Wey, nice camera much u got it?

me still not bad..last movie was with the gang, Ah Long Pte Ltd...

pENguiN~ said...

Hohoho... My art is very bad! I can't draw.

The camera I got with real good deal @ RM1090 with warranty. Then spent RM50 for a 2G memory card and Rm5 for the screen protector. RM11 to post back Miri using Pos Laju and it reached safely on the next day!

Camera nowadays are very affordable comparing to few years ago!