Monday, May 05, 2008


I couldn't believe it!!!!

I actually solved the Crossword puzzle published on our employee portal. This could probably be my only solved crossword puzzle in my whole life!

I am hopeless in all the techie-stuff going on in my company - well, call me ignorant. All I care are only the Oracle Databases and SQL. Not sure what kept me go-on to finish off this puzzle - might be the flu pills. :P. There's a check button that you could click to check for your answers - every right answer kept me awake!

EG helped me to solve 70% of the puzzle. I always know he is quite smart, just that tonight I found out he exceeds my expectation and he is really smart... :D

PS: This is not a competition la. Just for fun only. So I got nothing for completing this, except a little bit of self satisfaction and add on a bit more knowledge about my employer... Hmmm... :P

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