Saturday, April 26, 2008

MNG Voucher

I support manufacturing operations in my daily job. It's not a very nice job as you might get calls during off office hour, but it's challenging.

There ought to be many issues or problems in manufacturing, and when we solve it, we'll get recognitions - esp if it has a big impact. Normally I get RM10 Sunshine Vouchers or KFC Vouchers, but this round, I was lucky that I got 2 x USD25 cash vouchers. I redeemed a RM50 body shop voucher, and a RM100 MNG voucher.

The redemption was done online. I got the body shop voucher in a week and I used it straight away on that weekend on a foundation that I have been eyeing for almost 6 months. So no picture of it.

For the MNG one, I was waiting and waiting for almost a month but it never comes. Everytime when EG checked our mailbox i'll be asking anxiously if there's a MNG voucher. And finally, the long awaited voucher finally came yesterday.

I was expecting the cash voucher to come in a piece of card board with MNG logo, and written with RM100 or something like that. But it's not. It's a very nice small card.

Front of the cash voucher

Voucher worth NYR 100. What's NYR? :P

It came with a big envelop

One thing that I don't understand - why do they have to post it from Australia??

Anyway, it's TIME FOR SHOPPING!!!


Anonymous said...

Wah, so shiok ar, got free voucher when u completed a task. :)

I guess it should be MYR lah, MYR = Malaysian Ringgit. But NYR??? You sure the voucher laku ar? hahahaha...


Chris said...

Eh I oso doing support...supporting DHL's global express come no such vouchers!!! Jusco voucher pun jadi la...deng!!! LOL

aiyu said...

ya lor, I also do support what! I want MNG voucher too !!! about what you buy in MNG later la.

pENguiN~ said...

Oooppss... :P... Here we encourage recognition to motivate employees, so we always will get recognition once a while.

Aiyu, I only walked into MNG to see what I can get before I got the vouchers but couldn't find anything that I really like. And me not too updated with fashion stuff... :P ... Will need to find time to go do shopping too. :D....