Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mooncake Festival

My mum is a very much chinese cultured lady. She remembers all the Chinese Festivals - like Mooncake Festival, Dong-Zhi, Dragon-Boat Festival, etc. And every time during the special festivals, there will be special food for dinner - maybe our favorite fried chicken wings, her special stew duck, roasted chicken, red wine chicken soup, etc.

After I left home since 1998, I have never really remember any of the Chinese Festivals anymore. Mum will call up and ask me if I have eaten any tong yuen during dong-zhi, or any dumpling during dragon boat festival. And she'll urge me to buy one just to have the feel of the festival.

I have been very busy recently - though I don't really know what I'm busy with. :P. And I have not been calling my mum often too. Since I'm already married, she expects EG to take care of me more and also, she has another 3 younger ones to worry about since now all of us are out somewhere. Somehow, I missed out the moon cake festival this year. I only found out it's mooncake festival on last Friday when one of my colleagues wished me happy mooncake festival when I was going home.

We wanted to buy some mooncake to celebrate but somehow it didn't happen due to many many reasons. And when we want to buy this week (one week after the mooncake festival), all mooncakes are sold out. :~(. There goes my mooncake festival. There goes my favorite pandan mooncake. :~(.

Anyway, it really makes me home sick. I have not been feeling this for very long (bear in mind I have left home for 10 years!!). But now I really really miss my family much. The thought of going back to Miri for Chinese New Year next year just can't stop bringing a smile to my face - I could even smile in my sleep. Oh, that reminds me of an incident - During Pre-U, I was so excited to go home that I actually laughed "Ha Ha Ha" in my dream in the middle of the night. That gave my roommate a big shock.

How I wish time could fly faster, and I want to go home soooooon..... :~(


shizuka said...

winnie teng,

"Now everyone can fly"... :p

CNY still long way to go. :D just book a ticket and go back before chinese new year!!!

I also make sure I go back pg at least once a month. Spend time with parents and family. Nothing is more precious than the time we could spend with parents. ;) That's what i always tell HC. He only goes back once a year!

pENguiN~ said...

$$ might not be the issue, but the time is. To go back Miri from Penang, I need almost a day - 12pm to leave PG to KL, and flight at 7pm from KL to Miri. There is no connecting flight :(. Same when coming back. Ended up I need two days just for flight & waiting.

If my mum is reachable by driving 4 hours like you, of course i'll go back every month. ;)