Friday, June 05, 2009

The Hungry Hog

Note: This post is non-Halal...

During my visit to KL during Raya Holiday last year, we stayed at our good friend's aka EG's best man aka our wedding dinner emcee's place in Subang. And as usual, we'll meet up with the rest of the gang for some makan and catch up session.

We were running out of ideas on where to eat, and Yeng (the host) suggested to cook for us. YIPPIE!!.. I remembered there were homemade sausages, pastas, and ROASTED PORK. It has already been >8 mths since I ate the homemade roasted pork but I still miss it dearly!... It's crunchy and juicy, and unlike those out there (full of fats), this is definitely healthier - I saw the cook made it in front of me..! Should have copied down the recipe.... argh!!

Yummy yummy siu yuk...

And now, lucky for those who're in KL or Klang Valley!! Now the great cook has started his weekend business to serve siu yuk!! Drop by The Hungry Hog for more details. You should really try this, and I am sure you'll just love it!! =)

And if you think that the cook will be like "zu yuk weng", then you're wrong! Don't believe me? Order it and go collect from the leng-cai cook and see it with your own eyes!! =). Am sure you won't regret - both of the pork, and the cook! :D


PS: How I wish he could courier it to Penang too....!!

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The Hungry Hog said...

Hey thanks for the support babe! :) Will definitely make some for you guys the next you're in KL or when I'm up in PG.

Two trotters up! Oink Oink!