Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New chef at home!

I've been so busy with Eunice even if it's weekend. In fact, weekends are busier than weekdays since we have a good babysitter to take care of Eunice during weekdays and we can have time to do some things by our own. But during weekends, I need to do from A to Z to make her the happy baby.

Since I'm rather tied up esp. with feeding, EG has volunteered himself to COOK!. WOW!! I thought I heard it wrong when he first told me.... coz he once told me he really can't cook! Well, guess the new life that came our house in fact changes my dear hubby. :)

Since it's the first time he cooks (except maggi mee or fried eggs lar), he started with his favorite food - Spaghetti Bolognese. He surfed net for a GOOD recipe, and went out to buy the ingredients himself. So excited right? :)

The happy chef

After 30 minutes .... Tadaaaa...!

Bolognese sauce for spag

I must say it's not bad for his first cooking. And of course I helped to do some of the cutting while Eunice is having her nap after feed.

And now the new chef is getting all excited with cooking and planning out his next cook during the weekend... :P

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