Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Role in Life

Life has been busy ever since I started working after 2 months of my maternity leave.

The schedule is rather standard, and I have to sleep earlier these days as I need to get up earlier to prepare everything.

Now I wake up at 5.30am to express some breastmilk. Wash all parts & sterilise the breastpump. Pack up my breastpump & stuff for expressing in office. Prepare & pack breakfast for EG and myself to eat in office. I need to finish all these by 6am.

Then, go back upstair. Spend some time looking at my little cutie pie sleeping in her cot, and show some disgusted face looking at the other BIG BABY snoring on the bed =.=. Bathe. Change.

6.30am wake the BIG BABY up by calling his full name. Then slowly pick up my little cutie pie and kiss kiss a bit to wake her up to feed her before sending her to babysitter. Cutie pie will finish sucking by 7am (or else I'll break her) and I'll change her cloth & diaper. Bring her downstair to get ready to go babysitter's place.

Latest by 7.30am we have to leave the house since I can't reach office too late.

Work from 8am to 5pm+. Go home to prepare dinner and go pick up little cutie pie again. After dinner it'll be around 8pm+. And since cutie pie has been @ babysitter's place the whole day, we'll normally spend time talking & playing with her. And feed her of course.

10pm I'll bring cutie pie back upstair. Wipe her, feed her and sleep her. And I normally will fall asleep while sleeping her. So cute right? :P. At night cutie pie will wake up normally once for feed.

And the cycle repeats.

No, I'm not too tired. I actually like this kind of life. Being parent is so nice esp. when you see the little one growing everyday. The feeling can't be described with words.

Maybe the only problem I have is - I have 2 babies to take care of. One big and one small. =.=

But the big one can help to do a lot of things. Only problem is - the big one is not a morning person. :P

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