Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Weekend

EG and I can stay at home for the whole weekend, only go church on Sunday. Even our neighbor came by and commented that we have good "family time"... Hmm... To be honest, sometimes I feel that we're busier on weekend than on weekdays as weekend is the only time when you can do all your housework that you can't do on weekdays, and it's also the only time when we can cook slowly in the kitchen as there's no rush going to fetch Eunice from babysitter, or getting ready to sleep her.

So, if you wonder, what do we eat during weekends?

I made pancakes.

EG thinks the pancakes are much nicer compare to my previous attempt

EG made bolognese spaghetti (he's getting very good in this esp. ever since he got his balsamic vinegar :P). We could eat this for few meals. :P

Our 2 lunches over the weekend :P

Another quick meal by EG. Simple but filling. Best thing is it doesn't dirty the kitchen.

Friday Night Dinner

Clockwise: Adventist 7-Grain bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, pan fried HOG sausages, Salad with cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, celery, apples, and home made dressing, scrambled eggs

Attended a friend's wedding ceremony on Saturday evening (didn't stay for dinner as we think Eunice is still too young to go out for too long :P), and tapao Blue Reef on the way back. (Will blog about this separately).

Saturday night dinner - Blue Reef

A typical chinese dish by me - a-supposed-to-be-hong-xiu-pork-rib-but-turned-out-dunno-what-pork-rib, & stir fry vege.
Sunday Night dinner

I made jelly too... :)Konyakku Lychee Jelly

Then, there are so much housework to do. The for-sure things that we do every weekend is our laundry. We need to wash at least 3 batches - Eunice's clothes with her baby detergent, our clothes, and the inner wear. Throwing them into washing machine, hang, took in at the end of the day, fold, sort. I also wash Eunice's cloth diapers since she'll be on full cloth diapers at home during weekends and she'll used easily 5-6 pcs per day.

Our laundry

And EG will be washing car, vacuuming the house, mopping, washing toilets, washing car porch, etc etc.

Not to mention we also need to take out time to feed Eunice, sleep Eunice, play with her, change her diapers, etc etc.

EG sleeping his precious

So, don't you think our weekends are really very busy? :)

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Kenneth Sepeti said...

That looks better than the ice cream and hotdogs I had earlier.