Thursday, August 26, 2010

Parents in town

My sister had her 2nd convocation in KL last weekend. So, since my parents are attending her convocation in KL, they took the opportunity to come Penang to visit their precious granddaughter. The last time they came was when Eunice was only 7 weeks old. And now, she's 6 months old already! :)

To think about it, my parents + my sister are so bravo in planning their trip (as usual). They left my hometown Miri @ 6am+ and reached KL @ 8am. Went straight from Airport to IMU Sri Petaling to attend my sister's convocation @ 9am+. After that, they went Sunway to meet up with youngest brother, and took 5.30pm Aeroline up to Penang. And such, they saved hotel in KL on Saturday.

They spent a day in Penang on Sunday, and left to KL the next day (Monday) using Aeroline again @10.30am, and left back to Miri on the same day @ 8.30pm flight. Sound tiring isn't it? In less than 24 hours, they travelled 1368.55km (Miri - KL) + 369km (KL - PG) = 1737.55km! Recently they have been traveling quite a lot, so I guess this is not as tiring as when they went for back-packing in Taiwan with my brother early this year. :)

Eunice wasn't feeling very well on Saturday, so when my mum reached my house at 10pm+, and when she woke up from her sleep, my mum tried carrying her. As usual, she examined the "stranger" for very long, but this time, she started crying... So we decided to only re-introduce her to her grandparents the next day. My mum was extra delightful to see Eunice. She couldn't stop playing & carrying her. My sister snapped a few pictures and when I went through the pictures, I noticed my mum has been carrying her almost all the time. :)...

Eunice & Grandma

Eunice & Grandpa

Grandma couldn't put Eunice down and she was so comfortable that she actually fell sleep in her arms....

Another proof that Grandma couldn't put chubby Eunice down

Grandma playing with Eunice on her playmat

with Grandma again

My dad's birthday was coming up so we celebrated his birthday during the weekend since we won't be able to go back Miri in September. His first birthday with his granddaughter. He was pleasantly surprise by the birthday celebration. He first thought we want to celebrate Eunice's birthday when he only saw 1 candle on the cake, and commented that it's still 6 more months to go.... :P

See, Grandma is holding Eunice again! :)

The happy grandparents with their first granddaughter

Dad was shy so he got Eunice to cut the cake together... kekeke :P

Sometimes I feel sad that my parents can't spend much time with their grandchild. And even sadder when the thought that Eunice will know recognize them as her grandparents since she won't see them often. But in Babycenter, it mentioned that we can develop grandparents' pictures and put in the house, and show the baby so that they remember the face.

So, I'm going to do that! Kekeke... Hopefully when Eunice goes back Miri for CNY next year, she'll still recognize her grandparents. :)

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