Monday, August 02, 2010

Another Experience With Blue Reef

Ever since we visited Blue Reef for our 1st year anniversary, EG doesn't eat anymore fish and chip elsewhere. Many times, we drove all the way from Bayan Lepas to Tanjung Bungah just to eat his favorite fish & chips, and my favorite pan seared salmon. Even Eunice has visited the place 3 times. :)

Last month, we attended a friend's wedding ceremony @ Paradise Sandy Beach hotel. On our way back, we wanted to dine in @ Blue Reef but later thought it might not be a good idea as the dinner might run late and Eunice will be fussing - and both of us might not be able to enjoy our meals. So, we have decided to pack it.

We smsed Blue Reef's owner on our way there (we didn't have the shop phone number then), and ordered two sets of fish & chips. When we reached, EG went down to collect the food while I was in the car entertaining my little cutie pie.

After 15 minutes, EG got back into the car and told me he's really happy with Blue Reef's service. There isn't any extra charge for packing. And to our surprise, Blue Reef's owner (whom we smsed to) wasn't in the shop but she has already called in to place our order! I'm impressed. Besides, EG told me while he's waiting, he thought if anyone will offer him a drink, and true enough, the always friendly waiter gave him a chilled water. He was very impressed.

The food was nicely packed. And of course, we enjoyed our dinner together with our little one at home. We'll still rate Blue Reef as one of our favorite restaurants, and it's definitely worth it for us to travel the distance just to enjoy their food. :)

The nicely packed greens

The greens, my favorite tartar sauce (yuummsss) & vinegerette

Our dinner in the paper bag


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