Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My meals

My meals yesterday:

Breakfast @ 7.45am
1) Kuey Teow Soup with minced pork & egg @ Sg Nibong Kopitiam

Late Lunch @ 1pm (hence was extremely hungry)
1) Mc Chicken set (Burger + coke + french fries)
2) Donuts x 2
3) Cheese bun

Dinner @ 6.45pm
1) Mee Suah Tow @ Red Chopsticks

Supper @ 10.30pm
1) A piece of butter cake
2) Homemade Ribena Cheesecake (about size of 15cm x 10cm)
3) 2 hard boiled eggs

The best thing is the comment from my colleague this morning
"Hey, did you lose weight again? Your face looks sharp & thin. Did you weigh yourself recently?"

Ya. It's crazy. I know. :P

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