Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toy Story

My childhood didn't have much cartoons, because my mum was quite strict on us. I remember watching some same Mickey Mouse cartoons, Tom & Jerry, and can't remember more than that. :). I wonder if that's why I love to watch cartoons now.

As Eunice is growing, EG has been buying some nice cartoons for her to watch. Toy Story is one of them. I never watch Toy Story before until now, yea, until now 30+ yrs old. :D... When EG showed me and Eunice the first one, I am quite impressed. I thought the story line was not bad. Eunice loves it too. And just like what a normal kid will do, she has been watching Toy Story I for easily 20+ times, until I can remember the whole story line already.Then, EG got her Toy Story II last month and Toy Story III last weekend. I was quite excited actually... Hehehe...

It's a Walt Disney animated cartoon about a boy called Andy, who owns some of these toys, which actually "came to life" when nobody is around. :).. Quite a creative idea I thought. Anyway, in Toy Story I, the story is about a new toy joining Andy's old toys and some jealousy and rivalry and which later resolved. In Toy Story II, more toys added in. And in Toy Story III, Andy has finally grown up and going to college, so the story is about what he's doing with these toys before leaving to college.

Among all, I love Toy Story III the most. Some parts are really funny, and well, believe it or not, it moved me to tears during the ending. Ya, EG laughed at me, as usual. But yea, I am those type who can cry even over a cartoon, a very small heart I have.

Anyway, it's a nice cartoon series with very good story lines even until the finale. :). And Eunice even learns how to sing the theme song "You've got a friend in me" from the cartoon. Hahaha.. how cute! :)

Toy Story I
Toy Story II

Toy Story III - I love the lotso bear, but he's the evil one! :P

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