Thursday, March 22, 2007

My First Lucky Draw

I never win a lucky draw in my life before. I never win any lottery as well. My car plate number never appears on the Magnum or Toto result board before. Somehow, I have accepted the fate that I will never have the luck to win anything without spending effort on it. That's why I don't gamble because I know I won't win.

I used to read Nu You (Chinese version of Female) last year. I bought the magazine every month and for once, out of the blue, I submitted the lucky draw forms attached at the back of the September 2006 Nu You. I submitted 5 different forms in total, prizes include perfumes, one night stay @ Genting, etc.

I forgot about it totally after few weeks.

Last few weeks, I got a letter from Blu Inc (publisher of Nu You) and it said I was selected as one of the 40 lucky winners for a Wacoal hamper worth of RM120. Note: HAMPER.

Since I cannot claim the HAMPER from KL, so I paid the money order and asked them to post it to me. After 2 weeks (TODAY), they sent it to my office and I got a PARCEL.

So, what do you think WACOAL will give me? Hehe....

This is the parcel that I got.

Before I open it, I kept trying to guess what's in the parcel by feeling it through the plastic, hoping I don't feel any wire. (You should know what I mean... :P)

Viola! My first "sleeping dress"!

I had a peep when I was in the office. I didn't dare to take it out as I wouldn't know how my colleagues will response. I couldn't believe that this piece of thin cloth cost RM120!!

Anyway, this is my first lucky draw that I have ever won after living for 26 years. An early wedding present?! Way too early!! EG said it looks very old, like an auntie. You think so?! Guess I'll give it to my mum!


Beach Boy said...

How did you present it to EG?
Must try it on, and let him have a closer look mah.

pENguiN~ said...

Nope... it's now hibernating in the wardrobe.... :P

littleknife said...

Haha wear it and see if EG dare to say like auntie or not :-P