Thursday, March 29, 2007

Full House

I have not been watching series for a long time. I wasn't Rain's fan also even though i heard of his names 2 years ago. I remembered when a friend asked me if I know where to get the ticket for Rain's concert, I arrogantly and coolly told him I am not his fans.

Lily lent me Full House series before CNY. It's a very old show, yes I know. I think it was shown in TV8 when I was still working in KL 2 years ago. I didn't have time to watch it, and truthfully speaking, I didn't feel like watching it after too much cryings from the other previous series. It's always sad as the main actor/actress will always die - for all sorts of reasons, such as cancer, accident, etc etc.

Work was too stressful and I finally watched it last weekend to relax myself.

As a very predictable person as usual, you can guess! I LOVE THE SHOW TO BITS!!! Before I finished the series, everytime I wake up in the morning, I think of the show. When I am working, I can't wait to go home to continue my series. I have to finish at least 1 DVD (4 episodes) before I go to sleep. If not because of heavy workload here, I might even watch till 4am just to finish it! I even thought of bringing the DVD to office and watch it. And I watched the last episodes 2 times!! Now you believe how much I love the show? :)

It's a comedy. It's about Rain & Song Hye Kyo got married on a contract, with their own hidden purposes, but later on fell in love to each other. Standard plot, I know. But when I watched it, my feeling grows as their feelings for each other grow naturally, from hatred on each other, to concern and slowly become love. It's just too sweet for me to take it. Too sweet!

My emotion followed the series. Whenever Song Hye Kyo cries, I'll also cry, so badly till I got headache the next day and gave EG a big shocked as he never thought I could cry that bad over a series! I can feel her heart pain and the hurt when Rain was trying to deny his feelings for her. Their behaviors which truly show their love for each others unconsciously are just so natural that it can easily bring a smile or even tears to my face. When Rain finally faces himeself and confesses his love to Song Hye Kyo, I almost melted. Is this a girl's thing again? Hmmm...

Anyway, now, Rain's stupid smiling face is stucked in my head. I can't get him out. He's not a romantic guy in this series, but at least he's cute, very cute, and very the-man. *Blushed*

Word can't describe how much I love the series, you got to watch it yourself. If I like Sonria Pasta for 80%, then I LOVE Full House for 200%!! For those who love romantic comedy, this is definitely not a miss!! You just have to watch it!

EG? Ahh... He asked me never watch this kind of series anymore as it's affecting our relationship. *wink*.

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