Friday, April 11, 2008

Cry Baby

There are a few ways that can make my hubby a happy man, one of them is to let him spend some "investment" in his hobby - guitar, so that he won't complain he has no life.

Some of you might start to imagine a quite handsome man with his guitar, singing love songs from David Tao or Jay Chou to his love one, so romantic. **POOOFFFF**. Wake Up! So far, I don't remember EG singing to me because he doesn't play or sing pop songs. He plays jazz, rock, and blues - which sometimes make me really blue. Mind you, these songs normally have no lyrics and too bad I don't really appreciate much of these kind of music. Our tastes in music is totally opposite.

Getting to the main point, EG has been buying a lot of effect pedals from some online forum with some good deals. Recently, he found this WAH-Pedal - which he has been talking about for the past year but never buys because of the high price - going at almost 30% off the market price in the forum. He asked for my permission, and placed his order. 2 days later, he got his beloved pedal posted to him. He was so so so excited that he actually brought it out and showed me when we went out for lunch today.

Of course, he couldn't wait to try out this new baby with his electric guitar when he reached home. He has been telling me so much about this pedal by making the "wah-wah" sound effect, and to my surprise, it sounds exactly the same when he plays the guitar today. (Make a search in youtube - you can find hundreds of video of a wah-pedal). It sounds funny, like a cat trying to talk. :P

I am sure he'll write something about this new baby once he finishes trying it out. I'll then link to his blog if you're interested to know more about this funny pedal (it might take some times though). To let you know how excited he is, I took some pics of him posing with his new baby. However, I have to do something with the pictures in order to protect his privacy or reputation or innocence or whatever-you-call-it. Enjoy!!

It's also called cry baby because it sounds like a baby crying

I guess he might want to sleep with his new baby tonight! :P


Yengs said...

The masked bandit is loose! And naked! Hahahaha...

pENguiN~ said...

Half naked only! Hahahaha!! :)