Friday, April 04, 2008


I bet everyone who works 5 days a week long for Fridays. I am no exception.

Reasons that I love Fridays:
1. There will normally be no late meetings. All meetings will end by 4pm because everyone wants to go home early, claiming to beat the traffic jam.
2. There's long lunch hour. You can go for 2 hours lunch with NO GUILT. No one will question you for coming back office late.
3. All work can be delayed to next week.
4. You can leave as early as 4.30pm esp. IF you need to cross PG bridge, or even if you don't (as long as you don't explain :P)
5. Finally you can take a break after working for 5 days = at least 40 hours.
6. Weekend is around the corner. I can wait to slouch in home's sofa while watching series, explore something in kitchen and do anything that's not related to work.

I normally feel extra refresh on Fridays, because it's Friday. Very often, I'll ask EG on Thursday night on what to eat for lunch on Fridays! I can go to the same economy rice stalls for lunch from Mon to Thurs, but not on Fridays. I want to have nice and relaxing lunch - not necessary expensive - but something that we don't normally eat everyday - maybe some shops that we haven't been for few weeks, or something different, anything.

Sometimes, EG says, Let's eat in today.
I will be like... "Huhhhhh....... today is FRIDAY u know...... I need some life.....!"
So eating in cafe on Fridays in a BIG NO NO for me, unless there is some unforeseen circumstances.

I know this sounds like a psychological thing, but if I don't have a nice lunch break on Friday, I'll feel so sad for myself. I feel like as if no one loves or cares for me, or my life is so meaningless. This can make me feel demotivated and bored at work, and it can carry on till weekends. Scary right?

I am still trying to explore myself more on this... But does anyone out there feel this too?

Anyway, WEEKEND IS HERE!! I am so excited. I have a long list of activities for this weekend. And I also have the lunch & dinner menu ready for the weekends . *I am addicted to cooking now*.

Stay tune for my next post! :)

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Chris said...

Exactly how I feel eery friday...and it's saturday today!!! and u know what, weekends pass by SO SO FAST!!! damn!!!