Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bear & Cat Talk

Bear and Cat were reading some posts in a forum... A girl wrote that she was too tired and she rested her head on the hubby's shoulder while he was driving, and the hubby drove with one hand with another free hand holding her hand.

Cat: Wahhhh.... So Sweet!!!!
Bear: Ya lo... U never do that to me also...!!!
Cat: Hahahaha....
Bear: Oh I know already, You can't do that because... U know why??
Cat: Why?
Bear: (Trying to be smart) Because you're not driving an auto car!! You're driving a manual car so you have no free hand to hold my hand!! Right...?
Cat: (Showing cheeky face) No no dear.. U know why... Coz you're too small size and you won't be able to rest on my shoulder in my car... And maybe that fella drives a smaller car like Kancil leh...
Bear: -_-"
Cat: Do you agree? Do you agree?
Cat: Hahahaha... Is it funny? Is it funny???
Cat: IT IS FUNNY laaa.....

*FAINT*. Stupid Cat.

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