Friday, March 18, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

I have never gone into the cinema ever since I became a mother. During weekend, I'll be so busy taking care of a child and sitting down quietly to watch a movie is a luxury. I have not been watching a show quietly from start till end for a long time until recently.

Ever since Eunice turns 1, I have been trying to sleep train her - sleeping by herself and sleeping through the night. After some time, she's now able to do it. It makes our lives so much easier nowadays. And she sleeps almost the same time everyday - about 9.30pm. After she sleeps, she'll sleep well (unlike when she was younger - when she'll suddenly wake up to cry) until the next morning. :)

It's now that both me and EG can sit down quietly to watch a show. I watched Alice in Wonderland when EG on it last few days. And he's been very kind by bringing Eunice up to our room and help sleeping her so that I can continue watching the show downstair.

I like the show. Maybe it's a girl show but I really like it. I couldn't take my eyes away from the TV screen. I told EG I'll watch it again on one of the tiring weekends with Eunice. I really like this show. :). I think it'd be even nicer if we can watch it in cinema but it's OK. The DVD that EG got is of good quality and it's nice showing on our 50" plasma. I will watch it again this weekend. :)

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