Monday, November 13, 2006

My Supposed-To-Be Detox Dinner

My dinner last night!!

We were running out of ideas of what to eat out after we did our catering for almost 3 months.... Then we thought we have been eating quite a lot of rubbish for the past few days - Mc Donalds, bakuteh, etc etc... So we decided to have a detox dinner to cleanse our body system!

So we only have honey dew, oranges, tomatoes and cucumber with vinegar and sugar (forgot to take that) and 2 big mugs of fresh soya for our meal. NIce or not ar? Ah well... after a while you'll feel bloated for it. So we were thinking that these fruits might not be filling enough for us. So we decided to make our HOME-MADE MICROWAVE PATATO CHIPS!!!!

Looks good isn't it?? We did some trial and error and finally the result is NOT BAD... We didn't have the correct utensils to slice the potato chips thin enough, so some are not as crispy, but it really tasted quite good. Interested? Hehehehe... Ask me for the recipe. It's superbly easy!!

I know, the next question that you guys will ask next is sure..... can tahan meh? Ah well, we boiled another 2 sausages around 10+pm because EG felt hungry and I just couldn't stand the temptation... -_-"....

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eg said...

We need a bigger microwave