Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trip to San Francisco & Phoenix

I just came back from a business trip to Phoenix, US for 2 weeks. This is the first time I spent almost a day in a plane and flew over the other side of the world.

All these while, except while I am flying home, I hate the feeling of sitting in the plane. I feel very restless while waiting for the plane to reach its destination. Even my previous trip to Philipines which only took 4 hours frustrated me as well. This trip makes no difference, just worse!

On the way to US, I flew for 1 hour from PG to Singapore, later 4 hours from SG to HK, followed by 12 hours from HK to San Francisco, US. And the night mare is, throughout the 17 hours on the flight, I could only close my eyes and slept for 4 hours! And I had to sleep with an eye mask for the first time in my life! My trip back is not much better. The 12 hours from Los Angeles to Tokyo (transit), I couldn't even close my eyes for >10 minutes. So I watched 7 movies on the plane! Such a night mare!

But anyway, the only thing that I enjoyed the most in my trip is, of course, the vist around the places. My friend and I (2 girls!) transitted at San Francisco before we go to Phoenix. We planned out trip around, reading map and asking for direction all around. It's such a nice experience. It's a nice placae with fanstastic perfect weather, around 22 degrees. Cool wind, but it is really sunny. This is when I feel that my Oakley is really useful! :D

Clockwise from left: Me with cable car; in SF Cable car Museum; the famous Lombard Street; SF Ghirardelli square

Clockwise from left: Golden Gates; SF Fisherman's Wharf; Aquarium of the Bay; Famous SF Pier 39

After we left San Francisco, we left to Phoenix. It was US labor's day so it's public holiday. One of my PG friends drove us to Sedona for sight see-ing. The weather is terrible. Terribly hot and stuffy. I put layers and layers on sun block on my face and my body. One thing good is that it's dry in Phoenix, so we don't really feel sticky.

Clockwise from left: Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona; Bell rock (?); @ some national park; Me with a pine tree and Sedona view

Last but not least, I also paid a visit to one of the seven wonders in the world - Grand Canyon. Again, the weather was hot and the trip was tiring. We drove 6 hours to reach Grand Canyon, and another 6 hours to reach back our hotels. However, the view is just AMAZING. I was totally speechless looking at the wonderful creation of God.

A few views from different side of Grand Canyon

Overall, the trip was good. I did a lot a lot of shopping - probably 20 pieces of branded clothes, for EG and my whole family of course. I went with 3/4 full bag, but I came back with 2 full luggage plus one extra bag pack. *wink*. Anyway, I am looking forward to visit US again together with EG one day - that'll be the most fun trip. :)

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Chris said...

Hey I envy u ler...get to go so many places...nice pics from the US...