Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bubba Gump

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant & Market is a chain of seafood restaurants inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. Their menu features shrimp (of course!!), but they serve other seafood, steak and desserts. And they sell souvenirs - featuring the cute & funny shrimps, too.

In 2006, I was starving during dinner and CA brought me to this lovely restaurant. (Maybe that's the reason why I love this place since I was too hungry :P.) The restaurant provides a very relaxing and cozy environment. The friendly waiter talked to us, joked with us, and even gave us a free ice cream after my friend answered 3 questions about the Forrest Gump movie. It gave me a real good experience and impression. However, it only happened during my first visit in 2006. When I visited again in 2007 & this year, the waiters didn't behave as friendly - not sure if it's due to the big crowd as normally I'll be excited to bring all my counterparts there for dinner. Anyway, I still love the environment around the restaurant - it makes the food taste extra good. Everytime when I go Philippines for business trip, I'll make sure I'll have at least one meal @ Bubba Gump.

Food.... Yummy!!!

So far, I have seen Bubba Gump @ Kuta, Bali; Pier 39, San Francisco; Long Beach, Los Angeles. And I was overjoyed when I heard they are opening (or already opened?) @ The Curve, KL - then I can bring EG to try it there when we go KL next time! *wink*. (KL Folks, go and try it!! And then tell me if it's nice :D)

Me @ Bubba Gump Makati 2006

Me @ Bubba Gump San Francisco 2007
Excuse me for the guy next to me - he didn't bother to move!!

Me @ Bubba Gump Makati again 2008 (OK I know I grew fatter :~( )

And of course, since I am currently on business trip to PH, I went there again. And this time, I let CA's new camera captured all the corners & the deco in this lovely restaurant. I hope the Bubba Gump @ The Curve will have the same warm and cozy deco too!

Deco around the restaurant & the drink bar

Top: Some famous phrases from the movie.
Bottom: Instead of whistle loud to get the waiter, you just need to flip to Stop Forrest Stop, and they will come fast. Run Forrest Run means everything is OK.

Some stuff from the movie are all around the restaurant


aiyu said...

Bubba Gump at The Curve has almost the same look and feel as in your pictures. But the food sucks there! And it's sooo expensive.

pENguiN~ said...

Oh really?! That's so sad to know.... :(... Maybe they need some times to improve the cooking skills coz the food here in Makati is nice....