Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Realise it or not, we're facing choices in our life, everyday, on everything.

Some said, it's better with more choices - I guess, that applies to shopping malls most of the time. However, when a shopping mall has TOO MANY choices, then all the guys will get headache as they'll need to walk longer with their girlfriends as they'll take longer to choose their dresses/clothes/what-so-ever.

Some of the example of choices that I have made (or still trying to make):
  • To buy Wira or Satria?
  • To stay at USJ or move to Sri Kembangan?
  • To work for money or work for interest?
  • To move to PG or stay in KL?
  • To follow my heart (emotional) or follow my head (rational)?
  • To cut my hair short? Or to keep it long? Straighten it? Or curl it?
  • To go Gua Tempurung and come back with cuts all around or stay in office and just enjoy the air-cond?
  • To always please people around me or just make myself happy?
  • Which country should I go during CNY with my family? China or Taiwan?
  • To be a miser or be fashionable?
  • Which sunglasses worth the $$ the best?
If there's only Mc Donald, I don't even need to choose whether I should go KFC or Pizza Hut. If there's only Guardian, I don't even need to check the price @ Watson as well to make sure I got the best deal. I guess, it doesn't apply to all. Life is never so simple.

Sometimes, we'll take quite some time to make a choice. Reason? Because everyone wants to make sure that they make the right choice with the best deal. Or another word - Kiasu (scared to lose).

For me, I'll just think that more choices just make life harder....

If I give you a choice, will you choose a simple but boring life, or another interesting life with all sorts of complicated things bothering you at all days? Can you choose?

Can you? Can you?



Loong said...

Interesting topic. IMHO you only have one life to live so might as well have as many options to pick and choose from. Of course you will not know the outcome, otherwise there would be no point in making any choices since we already know the future.

Therefore - "Just Do It".

pENguiN~ said...

Hey Loong, thanks for visitng my blog... :)